2022 $3000 Businesses to start in Africa | business opportunities in Africa


How to start a business in Africa and the top 5 manufacturing businesses in Africa to start now.
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5 business to start in Africa with less than $4000

There are two types of myth associated with starting a business in Africa. The first myth is you need a lot of cash or start up money , and the second is it will take decades for you to succeed in those businesses and because of these myths many people have become paralyzed and never start . Now because I care so much about your success in Africa and because I don’t want you to kill your ultimate potentials I decided to share with you 5 manufacturing businesses or business ideas that you can start in any African country with less than $3000 ..

So first of all why are we even looking at the manufacturing sector and not any other business sectors. Well just an FYI Africa still imports almost 70% of the common household commodities used every single day and because of this , the local manufacturing sector needs a lot of attention..

1.. So the first business idea I will suggest for you is manufacturing of electrical equipment and products ..

So I realized, A very large number of people change their electrical bulbs , sockets and extensions multiple times during the year and this is due to the fluctuations of electricity power in many African countries.. so with millions of households changing their electrical equipment’s and products multiple times in a year, starting an electrical equipment manufacturing business will be a very smart idea .Instead of importing these electrical equipment’s and products you can make them locally and meets local demands .

2.. the second manufacturing business you can also is paper and notebook production..
trust me African countries haven’t gone fully digital and because of this countless businesses and schools uses paperwork’s in their daily activities.. I can firmly say the demands are higher than the production right now because there only a few companies that manufacture paper and notes books which means there are enough space for you to succeed.

3. Now the next manufacturing business ideas you can venture into is soap and detergent production. Remember people bath and wash every single day therefore you can tap into this re occurring markets and provide effective soaps and detergents at a cheaper price than your competitors. A soap or a detergent normally last a few days and because of that there will always be a constant demand . So this is a great investment with some huge profits if you take it serious ..

4 . Now the next manufacturing business idea is packaging box and cartons. There are honestly a Lot of businesses in Africa who has began offering delivery services therefore the demand for packaging has really increased. So you can start a packaging manufacturing business that focuses on providing packages for these businesses for all
Their deliveries ..

5. The last business Idea I will suggest for is exportation of local products . Infact there are many different local household products and goods that will be very essential for other countries . You can study the market in other foreign countries and scout for these local products in Africa and supply those demands. I believe these will be a great lucrative business and really profitable and wouldn’t cost you more than 2000$ to even start .

So I want you to comment below and let me know which of these businesses are you very interested in and will
Likely look into . Put it under the comment below and let me know.