25+ Best Rewatchable Movie Series to watch right nowt…! (Film franchises)


If you’re looking for both quality and quantity in your next movie night, I have the list for you: the best movie series. There are plenty of reasons banging out film franchises is a better idea than watching a tv series (Although, we have recs for plenty of feel-good tv series too.) Some of the best movie series of all time are best comedies, like American pie, best action packed movies Fast & Furious.Here’s a look at the best film franchises to watch right now.

00:00 –intro–
00:20 Divergent
00:58 Death Race
01:15 Ip Man
01:38 The Lord of the Rings
02:14 The Cornetto Trilogy
02:44 Final Destination
03:11 The Die Hard
03:46 Jurassic Park
04:17 The Bourne
04:55 The Chronicles of Narnia
05:28 Underworld
05:51 Hunger Games
06:19 American pie
07:02 Rec
07:23 The Terminator
07:48 The Conjuring
08:20 Indiana Jones
08:43 Resident Evil
09:08 James Bond
09:32 Harry Potter
09:45 Twilight
10:12 John Wick
10:41 Maze Runner
11:02 The Matrix
11:41 Mission: Impossible
12:10 Fast & Furious
12:38 Pirates of the Caribbean

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