6 Important Tips to Open your own School – Be an Entrepreneur


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In this video nikhar is going to explain about the important things you should know in prior before starting your own school.

Video Content: 1) The first point to consider is – Type?Location?
First things first, When you plan to start a school in India, you first need to decide the location and the type of school that you plan to start with. It is advisable to initially start with a primary school and then gradually expand it or alternatively start with class I to X. The school can be affiliated to any one of the board or can be an International school. Accordingly the formalities will differ. For a primary school affiliation is not compulsory.

2) Franchise? Own school?
You can opt for getting a franchise of a well known school or can develop your own educational institute. For this task you can hire school consultants in India. The idea of developing your own business has its own advantages to getting a franchise and following a stringent routine. The consultants assist you to help you understand how you start a private school. The benefits of franchise are having a set of infrastructure and quality standards, brand name that people already are aware of and you share some percentage of loyalty per admission to the franchise owners.

3) Management Committee
Once you decide the type of school, you need to form a trust or a Society which should have minimun 3 persons as President, Secretary and Chaiman. When you form a society, the members should preferably be those with a wide experience in the education field and social work or those who can contribute financially to the school. Thus you bring up and work on the budget for your school. You may request for financial aids from government and non government organizations or also go in for loan. After the business plan has been outlined, it is time to form a committee, keeping in mind the committee should have members, who are experts in different areas, including education, legal, accounting, business, and construction.

4) Buy/Rent Land
If you own a land, it will help a great deal in setting up the school. You can also sign a long term rental agreement or buy the land at the required location. The land requires a No Objection certificate from the Department of Education. If required, you can also obtain the letter of Intent from the education department. The school construction should include the school building, playground, and auditorium and library which can be within the building. Depending on the extent of the grades, you can construct the school building.

5) Documentation?
The documentation includes the affiliation from the respective boards and the no objection and approvals from the Municipal Corporation and Health authorities. Once the basic infrastructure and approvals are done, you can go on with the staff selection and marketing of the school.

6) School set up consultants?
There are some leading school set up consultants in India that provide service for opening a school. Their experts guide in various tasks like planning the infrastructure, getting the documentation work done within the deadlinesas well as develop the curriculum, recruit the staff and set up the promotion campaigns for your school. Their services include : Professional services on how to start a ICSE School, CBSE School, IGCSE School, K12, primary, International School IB Schools in India. They cover school feasibility study, requirements, process, steps, procedure to open a school, rules for starting a school, certificates, clearances, documents, managing a school, new school licences required, advice with CBSE board affiliations, and much more.

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