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Want to get Business Opportunities in Botswana? Want to promote your own products, goods or services in Botswana? Perhaps you want to Apply for Funding for a company, project, concept of idea in Botswana? Or maybe you are looking for Business Opportunities in Botswana that you can invest into?

Our focus is on connecting investment and business opportunities in Africa with business and investors globally. We have a long and established track record in Africa spanning four decades. Our highly experienced team will be able to assist you build your business in Botswana.


POST A BUSINESS OPPORTUNITY: After registering as a member of our Africa Business Community, post a Business Opportunity on our Africa Business Opportunities Dashboard*

APPLY FOR FUNDING OR LOOK FOR AFRICAN PROJECTS TO INVEST IN: Join our Africa Business Community then post a Business Opportunity on the Africa Business Opportunities Dashboard describing your project that needs funding or detailing what sort of project you are looking to invest in as an investor

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*The Africa Business Opportunities Dashboard is an award-winning free digital platform with millions of impressions that allows you to promote your own business, make “calls for business” or look for business and investment opportunities in Africa. Business Opportunities that have been uploaded to our Africa Business Opportunity Dashboard will be promoted to global users of our Africa Business Community using our proven technology.