Client Retention Management CRM for Accounting Professionals


00:00 Introduction
00:32 The Turnkey Marketing and Sales to getting Accounting Clients
00:43 Tools To Grow Your Business
01:16 CRM
02:37 Email Marketing
03:23 Text Messaging
03: 42 Landing page
04:52 Sales Pipelines
05:29 Self-scheduling software
06:29 Form Builders
06:53 Reputation Marketing and Strategy
07:28 Web Chat
08:02 Universal CRM
08:58 Manage All Your Leads & Contacts
15:15 Email Tracking
15:59 Build & Track Your Sales Pipeline
21:08 Creating Funnels
22:11 Get the Universal CRM Today
24: 50 Conclusion

When you see the letters “CRM” what do you think of?

Imagine a process that helps you market, nurture and acquire new clients.

Learn what you can do TODAY to leverage technology to get you the clients you deserve and want.

Watch this BUT also register to learn HOW you can apply this in your accounting, bookkeeping and/or tax business to get paid what you are worth 🙂