Compare our PT franchises to starting an independent PT business


Compare our Franchises to an Independent Personal Training Business

– Starting your own personal training business from scratch is understandably a big goal for a lot of personal trainers out there. To build it all from the beginning with your own business name and colours and logo and your face all over everything, is a huge goal and huge achievement for a lot of people. In any small business. I know I was there. I felt exactly the same way when I started back in ’99. The difference is, is that now I’ve had 16 years experience in doing that and getting it right and learning from mistakes. I also, as a personal interest, simply love doing this stuff more than training clients. As do the rest of our team within head office who are there to build your business for you. Odds are, you don’t enjoy doing that stuff as much as we do. That’s why you became a personal trainer, not a marketing expert or accountant or book keeper or human resources person or lawyer or anything like that. Either you just don’t like that stuff and you want to train clients all day, every day. So we free up your time so you can do that. Now, if you do like doing some of these things like copywriting, and blogs, social media and so on, they’re the more common things some clients tend to like, we’re there to support you and help you and provide all the resources that are bigger and better and cheaper and the right way. Compared to trying to figure it out yourself. Or perhaps paying a web-developer, who might be a decent web-developer but really doesn’t know the personal training industry like we do, to do it. So, we’ve got our own website that converts like nothing else compared to other websites out there. Look at the standard of our marketing material going out there compared to all the other personal training websites out there. And the only ones that would stack up compared to ours would be the other nationwide personal training companies. So naturally, when people are looking at calling a personal trainer, in particular, inviting someone into their own private home. They probably going to look to the place that looks like, they’ve been around for a decade plus and very reputable and so on, versus calling the website where it looks like you made it on a weekend. Now that’s not to say you’re not a great personal trainer if you’ve done that. I was like that back when I started. I was a great trainer, but my marketing material didn’t reflect I was a great trainer. But, naturally, people are going to call the person they see the most trust with and most credibility with. The other big thing that goes with that, is simply people finding your website. Its not a matter of build it and they will come. Its got to be build it, market the hell out of it, get your message across again and again and again. As you’ve probably seen our message appearing again and again and again now that you’ve seen this video. And then people will be contacting you. Now we also handle all the other things that go from there as well. So when people do contact you, if you’re a one-man show, if you’re with a client or you’re having a workout and your phone rings, you can’t answer it. Client thinks, stuff it, I’ll call the next person and they call your competitor. With us, we have our 1800-PT-for-U number and we’re here to answer it for you with one of our trainers here at head office. We can see your diary live, we can book people straight in for you. So again, your own marketing, secretarial, admin team to go with it. So, its a really, really great thing to have, versus potentially doing all the hard work to get those enquiries then you lose them at the last second because you can’t answer your phone. Cause you wanna actually have a life outside of work. So, the cost of this stuff is all included within your personal training franchise. It actually makes it a lot cheaper and a lot more affordable than trying to do it yourself. If you look at the standard of our website and the sort of price tag that that would cost if you got it done somewhere. Its a lot cheaper to come in under ours than go and try and make a really, really awesome website out there. Now, yes, some people go but I can make a website for free. I can get it really cheap, but, if you do that, then you look really cheap. People don’t want to pay personal trainers good money who look cheap. So, do you want to look expensive and be paid like you’re expensive? Or do you want to look cheap and be paid like you’re cheap. Its a big thing to look at. So most of our personal trainers that we’ve got with us or they work direct for us, or they work direct for other franchisees, or they’re actually hold our franchisees.

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