No. 1 Maternity and Childcare Hospital Franchise. Top Franchise Opportunity To Invest In India.


The COVID-19 pandemic has not only presented challenges but also several opportunities for the Indian healthcare industry to grow. The crisis has opened the flood gates for hospitals, pharmacies, and pathologies many of whom have risen to the occasion and accelerated the development of profitable, scalable, and high ROI Franchise Business Models. Further, the pandemic is providing an impetus to the expansion of specialty clinics and hospitals in the healthcare market in the country.

Today #FranchiseBazar proudly presents one such business opportunity to its followers #NimaisBorneo, a brand with 18+ years of experience in servicing the welfare of #motherandchild. Nimai provides qualified and professional Doctors who serve mothers and children by providing services for Maternity Care and Pediatric Care. They provide excellent antenatal check-ups, guide you on antenatal exercises, provide antenatal counseling, and much more. They are now expanding and offering a franchise which you should look out for.

78 of 100 Best #Franchises to own in 2021 Best #HopitalFranchise in #India.

Moderator: Ms. Bandana Bawri, Franchise Manager, FranchiseBazar.

Guest: Dr. Santosh Madrewar is a consultant Pediatrician and Neonatalogist with 18+ years of experience in treating critical patients and Managing hospitals.

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