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Open your Sugaring NYC Organic Waxing Franchise location. Sugaring NYC franchise offers the best waxing services for men and women with proven in various states concept that offers its future owners flexibility on opening, operating and managing a franchise location. With over 6 years of experience Sugaring NYC was named one of the most profitable franchising concepts by Entrepreneur, huffington post and other financial media sources. With investment as little as $80K your can can find yourself running a million dollar business in as little as 2 years with average Return of Investment time as little as 4 months. Fill out the form on the website to find out more information about the franchise, get a welcome package and schedule your webinar.

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-Sugaring NYC Sugaring Kit for Home Use –
-Sugaring NYC Soft Sugaring Paste for Legs, Arms, Back, Stomach) –
-Sugaring NYC Medium Sugaring Paste for Bikini, Brazilian, Underarms, Upper lip –
-Sugaring NYC Hard Paste for Beginners –
-Sugaring NYC 12oz Sample Jar

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