Team Introduction | Franchise Marketing Systems


Meet the Franchise Marketing Systems team! We are a full service franchise development, sales, management, and marketing agency made FOR entrepreneurs BY entrepreneurs.

How to franchise your business with a team of franchise consultants and franchise developers and the support needed to launch your brand through franchising. Franchise Marketing Systems helps you start a franchise brand the right way and implement the franchise sales and marketing needed to sell your first franchise locations.

Franchise Marketing Systems (FMSFranchise) works with business owners to develop and build:

Franchise Business Plans and Franchise Strategy

Franchise Disclosure Document and Franchise Agreement
(Through third party franchise law firm)
Franchise State Registrations
(Through third party franchise law firm)

Franchise Operations Manuals

Franchise Training Programs

Franchise Operations Support

Franchise Marketing Plans

Franchise Brochures

Franchise Sales Videos

Franchise Development Websites

Franchise Funding

Franchise Sales

Franchise Lead Generation

Our main office is based out of Atlanta, GA while the rest of our team are scattered throughout the U.S. and Canada.

Chris Conner, President 00:01
Sean Callaway, Franchise Strategic Planning 00:46
Alan George, Vice President 01:24
Scott McCarthy, Director of Canada 02:23
Shelley Berman, Director of Canada 03:25
Sid Lee, Franchise Operations Support 04:25
Keli Chau, Marketing Director 05:26
Jacklyn Renz, Lead Copywriter 06:02
Dahlia O’Shields, Director of Web Services 07:07
Trisha Conner, Franchise Strategic Planning 07:59
Levi Tran, Franchise Analyst 08:44
John Naylor, Franchise Consultant 09:13
Charles White, Digital Media Manager 10:06
Zac Bletz, Senior Franchise Consultant 10:51
Tom Bartley, Franchise Consultant 11:39

Some members of our team couldn’t make it to the Zoom recording but you can find out their information when you visit our website at

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