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You might think you’re a good listener, but common behaviors like nodding and saying “mm-hmm” can actually leave the speaker feeling unheard or dismissed. The truth is that mastering the art of listening involves a whole host of other skills as well. You need to do more.

00:00 You might think you’re a good listener, but …
00:52 … here’s how to be a “trampoline” listener.
01:25 Question 1: How do I usually listen?
01:50 Question 2: Why do I need to listen right now?
02:35 Question 3: Who is the focus of attention in the conversation?
02:54 Question 4: What am I missing?
04:30 Question 5: Am I getting in my own way?
05:08 Question 6: Am I in an information bubble?
06:04 OK, let’s review.

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