The Hard Truth about Freelancing | 3 things to know before starting Freelancing


Here’s what you need to know before starting freelancing. I’ve seen a lot of how to freelance videos on YT where they only show the bright side of it, and not the whole picture. Here’s 3 hard truths to keep in mind before starting freelancing. These include:

1. You are your own boss
It’s one of the best parts about freelancing, but it also becomes a problem, as you’ll have to constantly reach out to people, get more clients, upskill yourself. Since it completely depends on you, you can’t just take a day off and relax(it’s harder for me atleast) when you see that there’s one more client that you can pitch to.

2. There’s no security
Your client is not liable to get an insurance for you unlike in a job where you get a health insurance and other benefits. You will yourself have to get these securities. Also, since no client will work with you forever, you have to reach out to new people. Some months, you won’t get a single project while others you might get tons of projects.

3. Understanding your self worth
If you don’t know how to properly price your time, clients will easily take advantage of you. This has happened with me as well. Learning to say no when the client pays you less is also something you need to develop.

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The Hard Truth about Freelancing | 3 things to know before starting Freelancing
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