Top 10 Tea Franchise Opportunities


While tea, a drink made by soaking leaves in hot water, seems like a straightforward product, the history of the beverage reaches back thousands of years and around the world. There are more types of tea, both straight and blends, than you can imagine, each with fans and detractors.

Almost every culture has its own relationship with tea. Some, like the Japanese, can view teatime as a ritualized, formal occasion. Others, like the English, use teatime to gather and socialize. In the US, many view their cup of tea as a well-deserved reward to relax them after a long day.

No matter what your view of tea, the fact is that tea sales are projected to grow 4.3 percent annually in the US through 2020. If you want to ride that wave, consider one of the top 10 tea franchise opportunities in the video above.

Beyond Teavana

Thanks to its many mall locations, Teavana may be the best known tea chain in the US, but it’s far from the only one out there. Tea franchises keep springing up, some originating regionally in the US and others enter as imports. Many of these shops sell a variety of teas including:

– Traditional teas: The four primary types of traditional tea are black, white, oolong and Puer. Teas from different parts of the world can taste different so there’s a lot of variety among just these four types. In addition, with these teas as their base, the art of blending has developed, turning four types of teas into thousands.

– Trendy teas: While tea can be traditional, it can also be trendy. One such trend, bubble tea shops, have seen tremendous growth since their introduction in the US. The beverage, made from regular tea with tapioca pearls added, originated in Taiwan and has taken the world by storm.

– Experimental teas: Tea enthusiasts continue to search for blends they’ll enjoy. Whether they prepare tea leaves differently or throw in non-tea ingredients such as flowers, their teas are an ever-evolving canvas of flavors.

So, if you’re looking for a business opportunity that’s both interesting and growing, make sure to check out the top 10 tea franchise opportunities in the video above.

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